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So I just installed the FreeMesh X 2.0 files after downloading, extracting them and adding them to the scenery library. I then clicked the Ok button and as FSX began to build the database, errors kept popping up saying a file named Area.212 is missing. I got the same error message as it read every scenery folder.  I'm so confused cause this is a fresh download and I know I didn't delete anything from those folders. All I did was extract the files and add them to the freemeshx folder I created as the instructions told me to do. I appreciate any help, thanks. 

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The same problem on my sim. 

 I become the following error messages (translated back to english):

Senery.cfg file error. The directory for the local scenery [path]\europe\senery in scenery Area.122 (and sometimes Area.124) was not found

Senery.cfg file error. Invalid remote scenario path in scenario Area.120. 

can someone help us/me?

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I have not gotten to the install yet. As the extraction process is running WINZIP informed me that N49W120.BGL encountered a SEVERE CRC Error. Should I "Re-Download" the entire file again or can I simply obtain the BGL in question?

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