Looking for some hardware guidance.

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Good Morning, I am brand-spanking new to any type of flight simulator.  I know that I need to first purchase Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020, but what then?  Here's my goal:  Learn to fly. Learn to improve to multi engine and then fly the Duke b60.  Probably not much more than that.  So... what hardware is best suited for this, which would give me as much control as possible?  BTW, I already have a huge computer that is math oriented so, just the controls is what I need.  

Thank you, for any and all help I can get from you guys.


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Well gee... I really want to thank all of you that responded with some help for a new guy.  That's sarcasm, folks.  Apparently, this community isn't about trying to help,  Sorry to have bothered ya'all.  Oh, and don't bother replying now,  I'm leaving the forum.  You can smile now. 

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