Which flight sim for a first timer with modest PC spec

Hmm-let-me-think Guest

Last year FS2020 caught my eye, and as some who's dipped my toe into the world of real life flying, the idea of getting into a flight sim appeals to me. 

The thing is, having done my research it seems I'd need to spend over £1000 on a new PC just to run FS2020 on it's basic settings and I can't justify spending that on something that might (for me) end up being a short lived novelty.

Therefore I am thinking why not try one of the older sims, that can run on my current PC? My current PC is around 6 years old and has an i5 4400 with 8GB ram and a Quadro 410 graphics card. The GPU is geared toward AutoCAD etc so I expect this would need swapping out to something gaming oriented. But a second hand GPU for, say around £50-£100, is more easily justified, and if I get the bug I could upgrade in the future.

Bearing in mind I have only so far played with the google earth flight sim, can anyone recommend an older flight sim and a cheapish GPU to slot into my current system? My current system below:

i5 4400
8GB ram
108gb SSD
930gb HDD
Quadro 410 GPU (assume replace)
Windows 10

Many thanks  

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chgh Guest

hello! you may try Microsoft Flight Simulator X and Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 with those specs for sure.

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Kalnon Trainee

Yeah those specs are quite dated.  FSX would be your best bet.  I  would strongly recommend you upgrade your gpu most of all.  If you had a more modern gpu and at least 16 GB of ram you could run the FS2020.

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