Text list of steps for adding a POI to MS2020

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Hi, having reviewed tutorials for this purpose I find I need a step by step list.

Have watched the excellent how to video by TwoToneMurphy.  Alas,  however, i get lost in the steps no matter how careful I am.  

And I just can not stop trying.

Any help will be appreciated.

Thank you.  George


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Hi George,

I understand that you're looking for a simple, step-by-step text list for adding a POI (Point of Interest) to Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020. Don't worry; I'll be glad to help you out. Following TwoToneMurphy's video tutorial, I've prepared a simplified list of steps for you to follow. Please note that this process requires using the MSFS SDK (Software Development Kit), so make sure you have it installed and enabled in your sim. Here's a breakdown of the steps:

  1. Start Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 and load into the sim at any airport.
  2. Open the Developer Mode by going to Options > General > Developers, and turn on the Developer Mode toggle.
  3. In the Developer Mode toolbar, click on Tools > Scenery Editor to open the Scenery Editor window.
  4. In the Scenery Editor window, click File > New Scenery to create a new scenery project.
  5. Save your project by clicking File > Save Scenery As, then choose a folder and name for your project.
  6. Find the location where you want to add the POI using the in-game map or by flying to the desired location.
  7. In the Scenery Editor window, click Add > Object > Generic > POI to create a new POI object.
  8. Move the newly created POI object to the desired location by clicking and dragging it on the map.
  9. In the Properties panel of the Scenery Editor window, update the POI's properties like Name, Type, Display Name, and any other relevant details.
  10. Save your changes by clicking File > Save Scenery in the Scenery Editor window.
  11. Click Build > Build Package in the Scenery Editor window to compile your POI package.
  12. Once the package is built, copy the compiled package folder to the Community folder in your Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 installation directory.

After completing these steps, your new POI should be visible in the sim. Keep in mind that you might need to restart the sim for the changes to take effect. If you encounter any issues, try referring back to TwoToneMurphy's video tutorial for more in-depth explanations.

I hope this helps you successfully add a POI to MSFS 2020. Enjoy exploring your new points of interest!

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