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Hi All.. I am having a difficult time adding waypoints to the FSNavigator program. I have edited the isec file, added the waypoint name and numbers and even went so far as to copy one of the waypoints in the isec file and merely changed the name and numbers with no luck at all. The isec is merely a text file but something is preventing me from entering a new waypoint with the appropriate name, lat/lon etc and having it appear on the FSNavigator map when the F9 key is pressed during the FS9 program. Has anyone placed a new waypoint in the FSNavigator program and have it appear on the map and if so what were the steps that were taken to bring this about. When I save the isec file the waypoint I generated is there but not on the map.

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Additional information. When I entered the waypoint in the isec file and then selected the PMDG 747 for a flight, the FMC picked up the new waypoint and the correct position, however the waypoint did not appear on the FSNavigator map. This might be a clue to the problem.

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