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I am just curious but when I bought my flight simulator 2002 (I now have fs9) and installed it, I got not only the flight simulator, but also a game called "Flighter Ace 2. Did everybody get it?

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Well, I've got an icon on my desktop that says "Install Fighter Ace" but I've never gotten around to installing it. Suppose I should some day. Have you installed it?

I got FS2002 six months after FS09, just because someone at work was selling it cheap, and I was curious about it. I do like the Vought Corsair that came with FS2002, and as biplanes go, the Sopwith Camel is a lot more fun than the Jenny that came with FS09.


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Fighter Ace is alot of fun. But you can only do training missions with it because if you click on play, it takes you to a server that no longer excists. You get many planes also. I would install it if I were you.

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