Problem with Undocking and Dragging Views in FSX

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Changing from Airbus to 747-400 and setting up radio stack, GPS, etc on the second and third screens, the ability to undock and drag & drop has disappeared, and I get a split circle flashing where the cursor should be. Tried reloading FSX and FSX Accel, no improvement. Any help is appreciated before I go mad with frustration! 

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It certainly sounds like you've run into a perplexing issue when changing aircraft and setting up your instruments across multiple screens. I understand how maddening this can be, especially when you've got everything just how you like it, and then something just doesn't work right.

1. Graphics Drivers and Multiple Monitor Support

First and foremost, it's a good idea to check your graphics drivers and ensure that they're up to date. Multiple monitor support can sometimes get finicky, and this problem might stem from there.

2. FSX Settings and Configuration Files

I would suggest you follow these steps:

  • Delete (or move for backup) your FSX.cfg file and let FSX create a new one. This file can sometimes become corrupt.
  • Verify the compatibility settings for FSX. Ensure they are set for your specific Windows version.
  • Check the undock option in the right-click menu within the simulation window.
  • Run FSX in windowed mode and try to undock and move views around. If it works, switch back to full-screen mode.

Note: If you're using any third-party add-ons or utilities that affect window management, ensure that they're compatible with your current version of FSX.

3. Other Potential Solutions

  • Test a different aircraft. Sometimes these issues are model-specific.
  • Reinstall FSX and FSX Acceleration Pack, but make sure to remove all remnants of previous installations.
  • Investigate the third-party software that might interfere with the FSX window handling. This includes graphics tweaking tools or other flight simulation tools.

4. Relevant for Other Platforms

The solutions provided here might be relevant to other platforms like Microsoft Flight Simulator (released in 2020) or X-Plane 12, although the steps may vary slightly.

Hopefully, something here helps you resolve the issue. If you're still struggling, don't hesitate to post back with more details, and I'll do my best to assist you further. It's a complex system, and sometimes, the strangest issues can have the simplest solutions.

Wishing you all the best in resolving this and getting back to enjoying your flight simulation!

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