Adjusting the Roll Rate for Asobo L-39 Jets in MSFS 2020

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I recently purchased the L-39 jet package online in MSFS 2020.  When I fly them, the roll rate is painfully slow, taking about 5 seconds for a 360-degree roll.  Is this normal for the simulator?  I recently saw a couple of real ones flying at an air show, and they were much more sprightly.

I have searched for the flight_model.cfg file to try and modify the empty_weight_roll_moi parameter, but I believe Asobo has hidden this somehow.

Is there any other way I try improving the roll rate, if not, I probably won't be flying this plane again.

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Ian Stephens (ianstephens) Captain
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Firstly, it's always exciting to hear from fellow enthusiasts who take the time to compare flight simulator performance with real-world observations. The L-39 is indeed a nimble jet in reality, and I understand your concerns about the roll rate.

1. Roll Rate in MSFS 2020:
From my knowledge, the roll rate you're experiencing with the Asobo L-39 in MSFS 2020 does seem slower than what one might expect based on real-world observations. It's worth noting that while flight simulators like MSFS 2020 and X-Plane 12 aim to be as realistic as possible, certain discrepancies can still arise.

2. Accessing flight_model.cfg:
You're right in pinpointing the flight_model.cfg file as a potential solution. Modifying the empty_weight_roll_moi parameter can indeed influence the roll rate. However, Asobo does occasionally change file structures or locations, making it a bit tricky to navigate.

3. Potential Solutions:

  • Locating the CFG File: Even though the structure might have been updated, the file should still be somewhere in the aircraft's main directory. I recommend searching for it using the Windows search function. Ensure you're looking within the correct directory, usually under the Official or Community folders of the MSFS installation.
  • Third-Party Tools: Some tools on the market can assist in modifying aircraft parameters without delving into configuration files. While I can't recommend a specific one here, a quick search should yield some promising results.
  • Consider Other L-39 Variants: If you're open to it, other third-party developers might offer L-39 variants with different flight dynamics that might be closer to your expectations.

4. Requesting More Information:
If the above suggestions don't resolve the issue, could you provide more specifics about your setup? For example, details about your controller settings, any additional mods installed, or any other changes you made to the default MSFS 2020 configurations. This will help me understand your situation better and offer more tailored advice.

In conclusion, while flight simulators are designed to offer as close to a real-world experience as possible, sometimes tweaks are necessary to get things just right. I hope one of the solutions mentioned works for you. If not, please let me know, and I'd be more than happy to dive deeper into the issue with you.

Happy flying!

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