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Can anyone explain the Flight Levels system to me ❓
I always get this question wrong for the VA I fly for. I thought it was odd numbered flight levels for westbound and even numbers for eastbound, but obviously this is wrong.

Provide at least three proper flight levels above FL180 for a Westbound IFR flight?

FL210, FL230, FL250

Thanks a lot

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Flight levels are altitudes at and above 18000'. The proper flt levels westbound are 20-22-24-26-28-31-35-39-43 this in thousands of feet, eastbound levels are 19-21-23-25-27-33-37-41-45 You'll notice that 29 was excluded because up until recently 29000' was unavailable for use. That being said The FAA has just reduced the min alt separation from 2000' to 1000' This is due primarily to the increased accuracy of current day altimeters. Until about 5-10 years ago altimeter accuracy was problematic above about 30000' For this reason the FAA decided that a 2000' separation was the safest way to deal with the problem.

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Also, if you own any high altitude enroute charts, they give you the proper flight level on the back

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Just to add FL's in the UK are not from 18,000ft. Depends on the transition alt so FL50 even FL45 is possible.

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Thanks a lot for your replies guys 😀

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