Resolving Installation Issues for Cardiff City Scenery in MSFS 2020

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I have tried all ways to install Cardiff City Scenery without success. Downloaded the extracted files, into my community folder. If I go into Content Manager file 3 listed as Cardiff MSFS, Scenery Files & Screenshots  I tick them all and it says waiting giving no reason I click ok & it's been like this for 3 weeks. So how do you install them? I have been on MSFS 2020 on Facebook & they tell me to open folders & copy them into the community folder I have tried this with no luck as yet. Can you help?

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Firstly, I empathize with your frustration. Installing scenery, though usually straightforward, can sometimes present unexpected challenges. Let's try to get the Cardiff City Scenery up and running for you in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020.

Initial Checks:

  • Make sure MSFS 2020 is fully closed while you're managing files in the community folder.
  • Ensure you have downloaded the scenery from the official Fly Away Simulation Cardiff City Scenery page to avoid corrupted files.

Installation Process:

  • Once you've extracted the downloaded archive, you should see a folder named "Scenery Files." Inside this, you'll find two folders:
    • thalixte-cardiff1
    • thalixte-cardiff2
  • Copy only these two folders and paste them directly into your MSFS 2020 community folder.

Clear Potential Obstructions:

  • Any other files or folders related to the Cardiff scenery, such as 'Screenshots', do not need to be in the community folder. They might even cause conflicts, so it's best to keep them separate.

Content Manager:

  • Once you've followed the above steps, relaunch MSFS 2020. It's normal for newly added scenery to take a few minutes to be recognized the first time you load the simulator, so be patient. The Content Manager primarily manages official content, so don't rely on it to validate third-party sceneries.

General Tips:

  • Double-check the path where you've installed MSFS 2020. Some users have it on different drives or have multiple installations.
  • Ensure no other mod or scenery is conflicting with the Cardiff City Scenery. If possible, try removing all other content from the community folder and then add only the Cardiff scenery to see if that resolves the issue.

If, after trying these steps, you're still facing challenges, please share any error messages or additional details you encounter. The more information we have, the better we can assist.

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