Troubleshooting A320 Neo Autothrust Activation Issues in MSFS

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My A/THR in A320 Neo does not arm before take-off. It activates only when the engine power is at 100% and when I reach the cruise speed of the autopilot it deactivates. Any idea?
Thank You.

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Understanding the nuances of the A320 Neo's autothrust (A/THR) system in Microsoft Flight Simulator can indeed be a bit perplexing, especially when it doesn't behave as expected. Let's delve into your issue to provide a clearer picture and possible solutions.

1. Understanding Throttle Modes:

  1. The A320's throttle lever has several distinct modes: IDLE, AUTO, CL (Climb), MCT (Maximum Continuous Thrust), and TOGA (Take-Off/Go-Around).
  2. The A/THR operates effectively in AUTO and CL modes. In CL mode, approximately 80%-90% throttle, A/THR is fully functional.
  3. In AUTO, A/THR adjusts to the maximum throttle setting you choose.
  4. MCT and TOGA, activated above 91% throttle, are manual modes and override A/THR.

2. Managing Speed:

  1. The speed indicator on your autopilot can be manipulated in two ways. Pushing it (up arrow) activates the managed speed from your MCDU and flight plan, effective in CL or AUTO modes.
  2. Conversely, pulling it (down arrow) switches to selected speed on your control panel, again functioning in CL or AUTO modes.

3. Setting Up for Autopilot:

  1. Post-takeoff, once you've retracted your gear and flaps, align the throttle notch with CL. This action will slightly reduce engine power.
  2. Now, engage your autopilot ensuring all settings are in managed mode. The A/THR button should display green, indicating it's active.
  3. This setup will sustain your flight until you approach your destination. For ILS landings, ensure your destination airport supports it.

A Few Tips:

  • Below 220 knots, start deploying flaps incrementally. This helps in reducing speed for the approach and landing phases.
  • If the A/THR deactivates unexpectedly, check your throttle position. It should be in the AUTO or CL range for A/THR to remain active.

Your A/THR issue seems to revolve around the proper setting of throttle modes and understanding the interaction between the throttle lever and the A/THR system. The key is to ensure the throttle is in the correct position for the A/THR to function effectively.

If you need further clarification or face other issues, feel free to ask. Flight simulation, especially with complex aircraft like the A320 Neo, is a continual learning experience.

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