How to get free planes in MSFS without paying?

James Smith Guest

I'm running on a bit of a budget and would like to add extra planes to the simulator.  I don't have money for the full paid releases available on the MSFS marketplace so would like to find some free stuff.  I remember when I used to use FS2004 back in the day you could download free planes and airport scenery and other items - where is the best place to get that but for this new FS2020 simulator?  Any links or pointers for the best resource of free planes that I can just download and install would be fab!  Thanks, James.

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Ian Stephens (ianstephens) Captain
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Hey James,

Your query about enriching your Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 experience without stretching your budget takes me back to the days of FS2004. The excitement of adding new aircraft and scenery to the sim without a cost is still very much alive in the MSFS community.

Firstly, you're in luck! The MSFS 2020 platform, much like its predecessors, supports a vibrant freeware scene. There are numerous websites where you can find high-quality free aircraft, ranging from general aviation to complex airliners, and even historic or military planes. Let me guide you through some top resources:

Each of these categories offers a rich variety of aircraft, catering to all sorts of flying preferences. What's great about these resources is that they also provide installation guides and support, making the process seamless even for beginners.

Before you dive in, here are a few tips:

  1. Check Compatibility: Ensure the add-ons are compatible with MSFS 2020. Most listings specify this.
  2. Read the Instructions: Installation can vary between aircraft, so it’s crucial to follow the provided guidelines.
  3. Community Feedback: Look at comments or ratings for insights into the quality and performance of the add-on.
  4. Experiment: Don’t hesitate to try different types of aircraft. It’s part of the fun and entirely cost-free!

Remember, the flight sim community is incredibly supportive. If you run into any issues or need further advice, forums and community pages are great places to seek help.

Happy flying and enjoy the endless skies without burning a hole in your wallet!

Robert Brunke Guest

You know where I can get any junk aircraft?

Kevaughn Guest

I just want to fly all the planes my mom doesn't want get it for me 

Kevaughn Guest

I just want to fly all the planes my mom doesn't want get it for me 

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