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All that navigation for nothing? very sad.


Hi simmers,

I need to bear my heart out.

I took off from KSFO headed to KLAX via low altitude airways.
I was flying my just acquired 737 (i.e just downloaded:-))

flew the flight plan to the letter, way points, altitude and all. (mind you this was all VOR and no GPS!). KLAX approach vectored me for 9L.

I decended , procedure turn, and intercepted the ILS for 9L.

I flew the glide path like an art. After the MM, crosswind (no clue where they came from) pushed me out of the way.

I struggled to make a safe landing, but I could not.

...this was my first ever solo 'real' flight.

please console me 😞


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michlin First Officer

Such a sad story. Crying or Very sad Crying or Very sad Crying or Very sad

You'll feel better tomorrow! 😀 😀 😀

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Elkinallen First Officer

You poor guy. Yeah, sometimes it is frusterating. I had a similar experience. What I did was restart the flight and place the aircraft about 100 miles from the destination.
But. It just isn't the same.

Get yourself a bag of your favorite chips and hork'm down. Watch a good movie too!

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What in lands sake were you doing flying a low alt leg from San Francisco to L.A. in a 737?! There is PLENTY of room between San.Fran. and L.A. to get into the mid 30s and stay there for a while. It is also much more efficient. As for the X-wind, In a heavy like the 737 you should crab into the wind until just before touchdown, then kick it strait with the runway and land.

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