Display and Texture Issues Following MSFS 2020 SU 15 Update

John W Mayfield Guest

After the update, on the main screen, a couple of the images are not there (just gray screens) like the activities and training. When I click on the training screen the sim sends me to the hanger and there she sits, all decked out in a bright pink livery. So I keep running the sim and spawn where I'm supposed to be except the only thing you see is a multi-colored checkerboard image all around looking out the windows. 
Cleared caches, and new Nvidia drivers installed for the RTX 3060.
Not that I don't like pink, but I can't see to fly. Hopefully, someone has heard of this and has an idea for a fix.
Thanks and crossing my fingers.

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John Arnold Guest

I had no problems after SU 15 apart from at least one new bug introduced. Pink suggests that the textures are not present. Perhaps the update download did not install correctly.

Mark Rush Guest

Exact say thing happening to me.  At first I could see the opening MSFS 2020 page (where it's authenticating you) but now even that does not show -- only a black page. I can hear the music playing but nothing is displayed.  This is ridiculous, Microsoft.

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Ian Stephens (ianstephens) Captain
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Hello John,

From what you've described, it sounds like you're facing a rather frustrating issue with missing textures and display anomalies after installing SU 15 for MSFS 2020. The appearance of a pink livery and a multi-colored checkerboard are classic indicators of missing or corrupted texture files. Let’s troubleshoot this together.

Step 1: Verify Integrity of Game Files

  • Before diving deeper, it's essential to ensure that all game files are correctly installed and uncorrupted. You can do this via the game platform you use (e.g., Steam, Microsoft Store):
    1. For Steam: Right-click on MSFS 2020 in your library, select 'Properties,' then 'Local Files,' and finally 'Verify Integrity of Game Files.'
    2. For Microsoft Store: Open 'Settings,' go to 'Apps,' find MSFS 2020, select 'Advanced Options,' and then 'Repair.'
  • This process will check for missing or corrupted files and attempt to fix them by re-downloading.

    Step 2: Clear Rolling Cache

    • You mentioned clearing caches, but let’s make sure the rolling cache is also cleared as it can often retain corrupted data:
      1. In MSFS 2020, go to 'Options,' then 'General,' and under 'Data,' find the 'Rolling Cache Settings' to clear or delete it.

    Step 3: Check Graphics Settings

    • Adjusting the graphics settings can sometimes resolve display issues:
      1. Try reducing the 'Texture Resolution' and 'Terrain Level of Detail' to see if the textures load correctly, then gradually increase to find a stable setting.

    Step 4: Update or Reinstall Graphics Drivers

    • Even though you've installed new drivers, a complete reinstallation might be necessary:
      1. Download the latest drivers from the NVIDIA website, then choose 'Custom' installation and tick 'Perform a clean install.'

    Additional Tips:

    • Ensure your system meets the recommended specifications for MSFS 2020, as updates often adjust the graphical demands.
    • Check if any background applications might be interfering with MSFS 2020. Certain overlay applications or streaming services can cause issues.

    If the Issue Persists:

    • Consider reinstalling MSFS 2020. Though it’s time-consuming, this can often resolve persistent issues.
    • Reach out to Microsoft support or visit the official MSFS forums for more targeted help.

    Hopefully, one of these steps resolves the issue, and you can enjoy your flights without these colorful surprises. Remember, these solutions should generally apply to the latest flight sim platforms like X-Plane 12, should similar issues arise there. Crossing my fingers for you too!

    Safe skies.

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