What does AI mean


AI aircraft, AI flight plans

what does AI mean.

Thanks guys

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I believe it's called artificial intelligance...

It means that all the other aircrafts in the simulator are programmed to think for them selves.. This means that the planes will taxi, avoid collision, take off, talk to ATC and maintain own navigation.

For example: in FS5 (one of the first) the other aircraft were programmed in flightplans. If they were taxiing: You better stay OUT of the way because the would drive right in to you!!

Nowadays thanks to AI the other planes can avoid collisions by letting the computer have a mind of it's own! Now they actually stop! and wait! if you encounter them on the taxiway...

Now! her lies a dillemma...

because I have no idea if what i said is totally true! (maybe i really lost it this time)

But, anyone, if I'm wrong

please correct me!

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Yup - but spelled "Intelligence" (without an a).
References here;

Refers in FS2004 to the fact that planes can make a go-around, navigate their way along the ground, talk to ATC, etc. The term is very loosely used in this sim 🙂




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