AI aircraft question and contrail question.

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2 quick questions:

1. Is there a way to get the call sign, height, destination information for other aircraft that are more than 10 miles away? ATC is always talking to other aircraft, and I would like to know where they are, even though realistically I wouldn't be able to see them.

2. Is there a way to make the contrails of other aircraft last longer than 15 seconds. Would be cool to have really long contrails streaking through the sky.....

Thanks for your help!


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Jonathan (99jolegg) Chief Captain

Not really sure about the first question, though I believe that FS Live Traffic means you can monitor the flight plans, positions etc of all AI traffic.

I think there is an add on to increase the contrails of an aircraft, I'll have a look around for you. 😀

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Jonathan (99jolegg) Chief Captain

I found something that may be useful. Go here ---> and go to file library at the top, search in FS2004 Downloads and type "contrails" in the search bar. There are a couple on the first page, and a good one on the second page. Hope that helps. 😀

For the Live Traffic, here is a link for it. Learn how to use it, and it might be good fun 😀

thrasherfan Guest


Hey thanks for the quick reply! I'll download those contrail files, and see if they work for me.

On the second question, I do have Ultimate Traffic. Is this the same type of program as Live traffic? I wonder if there is a config file anywhere that lets you change the max distance AI info is displayed???

Thanks again for your help!


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Jonathan (99jolegg) Chief Captain

Ill have a look in the config files, but I'm not sure whether they are in there.

I don't think FS Live the same as Ultimate Traffic because that adds aircraft, whereas I believe FS Live just tracks the aircraft. Agus04 is the best person to ask seeing as he gave the link.

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