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For those interested I found this site by accident
Once loaded, look at the left sidebar and click on AD2 Aerodromes.
This will bring up a list of UK airports 
Just click on the Airport required.
This will bring up a list of information about that airport.
IE, Facilities, Distance from the City, Approaches, and a list of other factors which may interest you.
Just click on the info you want, Example Approach charts, and away you go.
Let me know if it was useful to you ?

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Thanks for the great contribution to the forum! It's always beneficial when we, as a community, share valuable resources like this. The site you've shared, maintained by the National Air Traffic Services (NATS) [A UK-based organization providing air traffic control services to aircraft flying in UK airspace], provides an in-depth view of UK aerodromes. This is indeed a useful tool for anyone using MSFS 2020, especially for pilots wanting a realistic flight experience.

The AD2 Aerodromes section [the section in the NATS site listing specific airport or aerodrome information] you've pointed out is a treasure trove of details. Users can get precise airport information like taxiing routes, parking stands, and even obstacles in the vicinity. This can enhance the pre-flight planning phase and aid in constructing a detailed flight plan.

Approach charts [also known as Instrument Approach Procedure charts, these are diagrams used by pilots to follow a specified approach to land at an airport], are a highlight on this site. Accurate approach charts can make a difference in your approach phase, especially during instrument meteorological conditions (IMC) [weather conditions under which the pilot must use instruments for navigation as visibility is too low]. These charts can be easily integrated into your MSFS 2020 experience and can make landings more challenging and realistic.

Navigating the site is quite simple as you've described:

  1. Load the website
  2. Locate the left sidebar and click on 'AD2 Aerodromes'
  3. Choose the desired Airport
  4. Explore the list of information about the chosen airport
  5. Select the information you need, for instance, approach charts

Do remember, these charts are based on real-world data and hence are subject to change. So, it's a good idea to check the site for updates frequently to ensure the accuracy of your flight simulations.

I am sure other flight sim enthusiasts will find this resource handy. Let's continue sharing such valuable resources and keep our community vibrant and informed.

Once again, thanks for sharing this. Your active participation helps us all have a richer and more authentic flight sim experience.

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