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This time, it's Rammstein's first album, Herzeleid. I just got it the other day. To date, it's my second favorite, next to Live Aus Berlin!


1. Wollt Ihr Das Bett In Flamen Sehen
-Great opening track, sounds awesome 8/10

2. Der Meister
-One word...LAUFT!!!! Why they did not do a music video for this baffles me, it'd be great! 9/10

3. Weisses Fleisch
-Sounds better live 7/10

4. Asche Zu Asche
-Ich Komm Wieder!!!! Great track 8/10

5. Seemann
-My personal favorite, I've got it memorized, and sing it while i'm driving all the time! 11/10

6.Du Riechst So Gut
-Watch the second music video for this, it kicks huge ass! Sounds better on this CD than live, but you don't get the bow on the CD...10/10

7.Das Alte Leid
-It's got a kid bawling his eyes out, how much more kickass can you get! 9/10

8. Heirate Mich
-Better live, but they don't do the cut off the rooster's head line in the live version 8/10

9. Herzeleid
-It's OK, not perfect, but nice anyway 6/10

10. Laichzeit
-You'll never look at a salmon the same way again

11. Rammstein
-my second favorite song on the whole CD, the live stage show for this song looks and sounds better than anything you'll EVER SEE, PERIOD, end of STORY!!! 11/10

There you have it.

Now go buy it!

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Oh, I forgot to add, if you can't find it in a store, just got a new shipment of these!

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