A340 Professional GPS-Kid, I need you!

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Manuel Agustin Clausse (Agus0404) Chief Captain

Hello everyone! Today, I bought the A340 Professional so it will be coming in about 2-3 days (I hope). It's my first payware addon! Yes, I know....I wanted UT to be my first addon, but....whatever, I'll buy it when I have more RAM and a new video card.

Ok, here's the thing. Some people use the A340 Professional panel with the POSKY models. Is it hard to merge the panels? GPS-Kid, I know you have this addon. Do you use the PSS model with the panel or you use the PSS panel with the POSKY models? What do you do?

I'd strongly appreciate your help.

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David (The-GPS-Kid) Captain

Hi Agus,

Sorry for the delay..... work, work, work !

I use the standard PSS add-on in the normal way... I don't like to mix panels and models in case things go wrong and I have to install all of my FS stuff again !

The main reason I think people change over to the POSKY model is because the PSS model has no interior modelled. You can notice this when te doors are opened.

However, all considered, it's still fantastico so I think you made a wise choice.

Just make sure you read the manual and do the tutorial..... if you have problems with the FMC at first, don't be put off, you will learn it fine - it just takes some time.

Good look, and welcome to some quality HEAVY METAL !

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Manuel Agustin Clausse (Agus0404) Chief Captain

Thank you, GPS-Kid for your help.
I really don't care if the PSS model has no interior modelled. It's fine for me. I have some aircraft that doesn't have VC or interior modelled but I can live with that and for me it's good.

What about the sounds? Are they good or bad?

This is what I'm going to do: Install the whole thing and see if I like it (which I'm sure I will). Then I will read the manuals and do the tutorial.

I can't wait to start reading the manuals. It's gonna be fun.

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David (The-GPS-Kid) Captain

The first thing to consider for anyone stepping up to the full airliner simulations like A340 Pro / A320 Pro / 737NG, etc, is that you may as well forget all you know about FS2004...... In the default planes, most of the AutoPilots work in the same way, the overhead panels have basic, common functions and the basic GPS replaces the real FMCs that appear in Airliners.

In full airliner simulations all of the systems and functions are more or less modelled as they are in the real planes. Certainly the A340 AutoPilot has all of the functions of the real system.... This is GREAT but it means that there is more learning ahead to be able to operate the planes properly.

One thing that is great about A340 Pro is that it loads standard FS Flight Plans into it, so the FMC is quite straightforward (the 737NG does not load FS Flight Plans, so the plan must be entered manually, waypoint by waypoint).

So here is a tip Agus for when you first get into the A340 cockpit.

- Open the FMC panel by pressing Shift + 4.
- Press the DATA button on the FMC.
- Select the button next to "Import FS Flight Plan"
- Choose your route from the list that appears.
- The route will load.... immediately press CLR (Clear) to remove the "Route Loaded" text from the bottom of the FMC screen.

This gets the basics out of the way - your route is loaded into the FMC, so once you're in the air, the NAV mode will follow it.

Of course there is a lot more - you can click on F-PLAN and click on the button next to your departure or arrival Airports and select a SID or STAR as part of your plan.... but best to keep things straightforward at first.

There are other pages you need to complete in the FMC, including the INIT page (2), where you need the Aircraft ZFW and BLOCK (Block = Fuel).

Last big thing to get used to is that Throttles work completely differently in the PSS Airbus add-ons..... you only use your Joystick Throttle during Taxi - after that you'll be selecting a preset throttle MODE using the keys + and -

When you're straightened up on the Runway, press + button twice to select FLEX THRUS mode and you're off - rotate at the right VR speed, and get the AP in whenever you want to.

Hopefully, these pointers will help, but it's a great airplane and you'll get some great long-haul flying in !

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