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Hello there GPS-Kid, or anyone who use FShotSFX,

What do you think of it. I have been using it for over a year now and think it makes FS9 even more 'As real as it gets'
I would recomend it to all FS users.

What does it do? - It gives a busy sound to a very quiet airport, not random sound but AI traffic that you can see. Take off, Landing and Taxi traffic.

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David (The-GPS-Kid) Captain

I agree PAt, It's a great add-on (that I heard about from yourself), that absolutely transforms the sounds within the Airports in FS.

Your sitting in your cockpit preparing for a flight and all of a sudden you hear this fantastic roar of engines, and you're thinking, Jeez have I accidentally hit the throttle but you look out of the window and see that a AI aircraft has just landed.

It's one of those scenarios where it doesn't sound too exciting but you don't realise what you have been missing until you get this add-on.

Although I would highly recommend FSHotsSFX, I would not yet recommend the sister product FSHotSeat, which gives a superb co-pilot BUT using Microsoft Speech voices - so yes, I'm afraid the dialogue is really clever but only buy if you like the idea of having Robbie the Robot in your flight Deck.

As advances in artificial speech get better that will be a great product because there are some fab ideas in it, such as :-

- The CoPilot points out areas of interest to the passengers ("Ladies and Gentlemen we will shortly pass the city of Chicago on the right).

- The CoPilot has seemingly endless general conversation, jokes, comments etc which DO make it feel like your flying with someone, albeit a Robot.

- Full checklists for everything.

- Flight Attendant that again has plenty to say but again she is Robbie the Robot's sister; Andrea the Android.

...... BUT ANYWAY; back to the cheaper and simpler product; FSHotSFX is a superb addition to FS and I too would recommend it to all users.

oh, and it also add's some better cocpit sounds to your planes too - there is a new APU sound which really brings the silent Airbuses alive.


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patw First Officer

Ok, so you heard it from an FS pilot who wants FS to be as realistic as possible, but don't just take our word for it, try out the demo and you too will go for the full version. I have nothing to gain by recommending this product but would like you all to experience the now sound to FS and see what has been missing.

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Ah,I had robbie the robot sit next to me for one flight,then he was gone.....forever,never to see the light of day on my harddrive ever again

(I wondered what you were all on about 🙄 )

So its FSHotsSFX to d/load Doh!

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orson Trainee

I also agree. FSHotSFX is a great add-on that makes the flying experience much more realistic. I started with the full version of FSHotSeat, then switched to FX. The co-pilot really becomes a pain. I have been using this add-on for about a year and would recommend it to anyone who wants to add realism to FS9.

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Sam (SamIntel) Captain

Where can I download the FSHotSFX demo?

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David (The-GPS-Kid) Captain

If anyone knows of any other great add-ons that aren't so well known, do drop a post on and let people know.

I never read about FSHotSFX in any magazines etc, so I wouldn't have known about it, if I'd not read about it from Pat.

Also, the marvelous FS2Crew. ( www.fs2crew.com ) for 737NG users.


For anyone that DOESN'T yet have a good ATC Chatter programme, I recommend;


........ a free programme that plays WAV files of ATC chatter in various sequences called 'Banks'.... therefore if you are flying in the UK you can switch a specific BANK on for UK only ATC, likewise if you're flying in the US you can switch on a bank that just gives US ATC, thus keeping it real.

Free from AVSIM, or in fact I think ENVIRO may even have their own website so try searching on that first.

AVSIM certainly has loads of BANKS available to download (80 WAV files in each on).

Before launching FS you just launch Enviro and then you need do nothing - just launch FS and listen to these fantastic, super realistic ATC chatters while you're on the ground and while flying.

I never ever fly without launching Enviro.


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http://www.avsim.com/hangar/utils/enviro <-- this is the website...

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