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Does anyone know of a way to change the voices in FS2004......

Basically in a nutshell i would like to hear British ATC when flying over the UK, French accents over France etc etc.......

Im beginning to hear the same old american accents in my sleep now..nothing against our american cousins but to hear the same ATC guy everywhere I go in the world is doing my head in!!! 😳

many thanks for any help

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Yep.....that'll do nicely Radarman, many thanks once again 😀

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David (The-GPS-Kid) Captain


I decided to take at look at the link that RM mentioned below - it's a piece of absolutely wonderful freeware that gives you a simple to use, yet very effective "Real ATC Player".

You can set the application up so that it will automatically (or through key triggers if you prefer) play banks of ATC Chatter.

So the idea is that you can fill the banks with different types of ATC talk.

ie... Bank 1 could be UK, Bank 2 could be USA, Bank 3 could be German, etc, etc....

or... Bank 1 could be TOWER, Bank 2 could be DEPARTURES, Bank 3 could be CENTRE/CENTER, etc, etc, etc.

Now the reason for this post is that alot of people could be put off my this simple marvel because..... you only get a miserly 3 x WAV files with the actual programme.

Now these are short WAV files, so I'm talking about it repeating the same 3 recordings (each one about 2 seconds) again and again and again....

But, as the AVSIM ENVIRO website says - the real idea is that you find ATC recordings on the Internet (or make them yourself) and upload them into the ENVIRO software.

So I found some huge groups of recordings on the Internet and uploaded them (I made Bank 1 UK and Bank 2 US/Canada).

AND THIS THING ROCKS ! I now have seemingly endless professional, real ATC chatter in the background.... it seems to run for ages before theres any looping, and even then I kept it just quiet enough so that I would hardly notice any looping.

Theres no limit to how many WAV files you can upload into ENVIRO so you could potentially put HOURS of chatter into one of the banks and it would play and play and play.

So why not use the link below to download the ENVIRO programme, and then download the following selection of ATC WAV files that I have found for you :-



(The US file is longer, hence there are 3 x UK files to download)

When you unzip the downloads, just cut / copy the WAV files into the follwing location:-

Program Files / Enviro / ATC Audio files / Bank X

....when you now load ENVIRO and click on the "View Banks" icon, you'll notice it will show all of your newly downloaded WAVs ! ! !

I could have paid ££$$ for this utility which really heightens the FS experiance so to get it for nothing is fab.

Anyone who even half likes Airline simulation with FS2004 has got to download this!

Thanks again RadarMan - We're not worthy ! 😀 😎 😉

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RadarMan Chief Captain

👍 I'm really glad you like it and listed the steps on how to use it.
That'll help others.
I haven't tried it yet, soon soon.


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David (The-GPS-Kid) Captain

It's ease of use is it's best feature.

When your 'banks' are set up with the relevent WAV files in them, it's simply a case of pressing CTRL + to activate the ATC chatter, and CTRL - to switch it off.

I will use this feature on every airline flight that I do from now on, so that says how good it is.

I also just downloaded a GREAT little application from AVSIM that gives you a fantastic 'Fly by' view in place of the TOWER view in FS.

Superb visibility and totally free...... this tool (I can't remember it's name but I think it is called FlyBy), in conjunction with the also free "F1 View" gives you everything that you get with Active Camera, with none of the gremlins and £10 left in your pocket.

Check out "FlyBy" on Avsim, and "F1 View" at

(F1 gives you unlimited visibility of virtual cockpits etc).

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tomthetank Chief Captain

Hey GPS what gives? you been at the bottle?
My flock and I have been to Flight1 and can find nothing about F1view
Found tese at Avsim ➡

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sonicninja First Officer

That really is the "dogs danglys" Radarman, i too wouldve been happy to pay £££'s for this utility, many thanks once again 😀

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David (The-GPS-Kid) Captain

RadarMan told me about F1 View...... I think it is on the Flight 1 site but on a hidden link, if you know what I mean. ie..... It's not mentioned on the Home page or anything. But as you said, it is also available from AVSIM.....

10/10 for Observation to your good self and the flock (give my regards to Shelley Sheep)... 😉

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RadarMan Chief Captain

Here is the link to F1View, it is sort of an out of the way link.


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