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I downloaded the Maule m7-260 and the boys who put this one together sure did a nice job. My question is the plane tilts to the right after level and trim is set it wonders to the left. I wonder if this is a natural for this plane in real life. None of the other planes do this so it is not my joystick.
Any comments ?

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Check that the fuel tanks are evenly loaded...... I have been flying the default Lockheed Vega this evening and the plane was tilting to the left.... I was messing around with my Rudder trim on my Yoke for ages - but it turned out that the fuel had been running onyl out of the left wing tank and it was almost empty - the right wing tank was full, hence the tilt !

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Ialso had that problem make sure that your joy stick is caliberated

Scott Munroe Guest

Try control - shift - C

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