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Hey, I'm looking to buy World Airports 2 from someone - it's discontinued. If your interested in selling it at a reasonable price, let me know.

thanks Twisted Evil

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John Hodges (originalgrunge) Captain

It certainly isn't discontinued! I bought my copy only a few weeks ago!

Flight1 is just one of the places, but I'm sure you can get it a few other places. You can also buy it from SimFlyer directly in the form of individual airports, but this certainly is a better deal to buy in the World Airports 2 package.

It's an excellent addon, a little heavy on the frame rates though. I find some airports like IAD and ORD to be a million times better and only slightly slower, but other places like DFW just chopped the frame rates down nearly too far to fly into. The benefits certainly make it worth while though. If you'd like i'll try and pull out some screenshots for it.

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