What I'd like to see in FS2006

falcon900ex Guest

Actual consequences to not activating Pitot Heat or De-Ice in appropriate conditions. If there are any, I have yet to experience them.

Overcast conditions in clouds need improvement. Others have voiced the same wish.

Better ATC A.I. If I'm put on final clearance in my Cessna, the tower should not put a 777 on final right behind me and should never allow the in-air collision that results to occur.

Better control of dynamic scenery aircraft. If an airport is GA, there should not be commerical jets/props present. I should not have to "Hold Short" at ORD while I wait for a Piper to take off.

City night lights. There must be something they can do about this. Ever fly into Chicago or LA at night? I"ll admit they've made strides, but COME ON! Cities look like grids of greenish-white & yellow lights, not this mottled mash of yellow-orange embers.

ATC improvements to Runway Approach selection. Again, there've been great improvements, but I think they may have gone too far the other way. Yea though an airport may have a "Cross-Winds" runway, if it is only 3000' long, please don't vector my 747 to that runway! I'll deal with the cross-winds!

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