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How to create AI stuff

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Hi folks, i thought it about time I make the most of my FS2004 and all my downloads and learn to create AI flightplans.

So in order for me to get off my fat Ass and get cracking, can anyone recommend the best tools/programs to do this.

I think ive more or less got the idea on how to do them but I just need that extra bit of help from a tool that will instruct me on the following-

Airport installation for flightplans

Flightplanning, ie destination to destination, altitudes etc

I only really want to concentrate on installing RAF AI aircraft and have them flying from various RAF bases around the UK.

hope someone can help me out here

many thanks

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I have some RAF AI aircraft flying around UK/Europe, mainly E3D Sentrys from Waddington, Tornados from Conningsby/Leuchars/Lossiemouth and C130s from Lyneham. The flight plans I have made up myself using the program Simple AI from here

There are no parking spots at RAF airfields in the FS9 so you will need to add some using Lee Swordys' AFCAD program available on AVSIM.

You will also need the AI aircraft, again AVSIM is a good source.
And most importantly TTools from Avsim

If you need anymore help, shout up.

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Thanks for all the help and the stuff you emailed me it was a great help, its great to be part of such a good site where people are willing to bail you out.... 🍻

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bail out? EJECT!!! 🙂

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