Kirk Ollson's F-16 HUD(?) messed up.

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I am having trouble trying to fix the HUD inside the F-16's cockpit screen. The numbers of the HUD are not clearly displayed. These are the numbers displaying the speed and the altitude of the plane. Some numbers are partially displayed while some numbers "appear" backwards which I am sure they are not. The numbers are only correctly displayed when they appear in the two small boxes where the actual speed and altitude are shown. Can anyone help me get this problem cleared up? Thank you for your assistance. I am ready to e-mail a JPeg of the problem to anyone who knows how to remedy the problem but wish to make sure that they understand what I am seeing inside the cockpit view.

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Below was taken from one of the read me files in the Viper download. I'm only guessing but maybe this is your problem?

getting Eric Marciano's F-16 panel for us with my F-16 *****************************************
1.) download direct from link below:
2.) This panel is loacted on page **12** of the SIMVIATION website's FS2002 **PANEL download section**.

Using Eric Marciano's F-16 panel with my F16.
1.) Follow all the directions included with Eric Marciano's panel.

******* ( just remember to use the PANEL.CFG I've included with my F-16) **********

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