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Blurred Vision Guest

Could people who use Full details, hi-res, realistic traffic Having good framerate on FS 2004 --- write their computer specs. ?
I would be really greateful...

Just to know, wether I can dream about this or not...

(My config :
P4 2.4
512 MB Ram (Will buy next 512 Mb soon)
Geforce 4 64Mb (Thinking of buying Radeon 9800 PRO 128MB,
Radeon X700 PRO, or Geforce 6600 GT - which card of these do you recomend [if anyone 😉 ])

Do you think I could make it with P4 2.4, 1 gig RAM, and one of these cards ?

But main purpose is to write down the specs that give Totally Wicked FS2004 graphics specs. 😎

Thanks in advance !

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Jonathan (99jolegg) Chief Captain

With a gig of RAM and a good card with an average CPU, you can run with sliders maxed out. I would say the Radeon 9800 Pro is probably the best out of the bunch but they are all good. RAM is sufficient but a Gig is alot better and will pay dividends. It is definitely not a dream if you do upgrade like you say you will, but at the moment, your video card would definitely not be able to handle the intense graphics, and the RAM would be a bit sluggish. Current CPU is good though. Hope that helps. 😀

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ArchAngel_06 Trainee

AMD 64 3500+
1gb (2x512 DC) Corsair DDR400
ASUS ATI x800 XT Platinum Edition
160gb WD HD
ASUS A8n-SLI delux Mobo
Logitec Z-5500 5.1 speakers/sub
550 W PS

I dont have sliders all the way maxed out because I refues to play with less than 30-40 fps. Most of my settings are high though. My traffic is low and my Autogen scenery is not maxed out. Im pretty sure i will need more RAM for that. Even then, I still sometimes drop to mid 20 fps around busy airports. So.. I guess it depends on the quality of play you want. I have a very powerful system and FS still demands more to run wide open at more than 35 fps. Im even thinking about adding another 2gb of RAM just to try and make FS run better with the settings wide open. What frames is everyone else getting. Id like to compare and see if im doing somethign wrong and bottlenecking my system somewhere. Dont get me wrong, shell put out some great gameplay, im jsut still learing about her and trying to tweak. Also remember that from what ive read and heard flight sim is nto one of those linear games that is optimized for a certain card. Flight sim is trying to brign the worlf to you through your computer, thats quite a task and itl take a powerful system to make it work nicely at wide open settings. (By nicely, I mean 40-80 fps). I bounce from 28-80 all the time. I just wish I could hold it above 40 all the time. Hope some of this helped, I know i rambled on.

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Alex (Fire_Emblem_Master) Chief Captain

Intel Pentium 4 2.8Ghz Processor
160GB total HD space
Sound Blaster Audigy Audio card
ATI RADEON X800XT Platinum Edition Video Card
Some Dell Mobo
Ultimate Traffic Addon

I run at 1152x864 Res, 100% traffic at Chicago O'Haire, 22+FPS on the ground, 120+ in the air. I only get those FPS when I turn off the Vertical Sync, which limits the FPS to my refresh rate, of 75hz

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Skymuncher Trainee


I would recommend you the GeForce 6600GT, it is an awesome card. But all the cards you mentionned are great anyway. With one of those, 1 gig of ram and your processor, you will have great performances 😀

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Ed Reagle (edr1073) First Officer

Blurred Vision,

I have the Radeon 800 Pro. I tried the GForce 6600 and it did not work. Causing re-boots to my machine and all kinds of other nasty little things. Also a gig of ram is highly recommended. I re-installed Win XP Pro. If you do not want to do that then you must uninstall FSxx whatever version you have and start over. Make sure that your drivers are the most up to date and go for it.

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ArchAngel_06 Trainee

Hey Fire Emblem. Can you tell me a little more about the Vsync on X800? I read about it in my control center but wast quite sure what the ups and downs were.

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Alex (Fire_Emblem_Master) Chief Captain

I've come to believe that it just limits the FPS to your screen refresh rate, because in certain games, you'll notice like ripping in the display, so it'll look like a funhouse mirror *kinda* I've had that happen ONCE, so it's not something to worry about. Other thing, your game will suddenly get a speed boost. You'd notice it most in a first person shooter. It will go extremely fast, then back to normal.

the ups-None of what i mention happens

the downs- Well, it's something i like to call the holyshitimus maximus effect of the card. You dont get 120+ frame rates, which ruins the holyshitimus maximus we all know and love

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Zach (ranald) Captain

I have the 6600GT and its great but I sometimes think I should have gone for the 9800pro becouse it gives you better fps.

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