backup and RESTORE of FS9 the way you had it.

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You can backup and restore FS9 the way you had it before WITHOUT lengthly re-installation of all addons.
Here's how I do it: After I had all freeware/pay addons installed etc., I saved the ENTIRE FS9 directory on a DVD (Holds more data) I then, due to having installed a new hard drive, installed FS9 and all the addons that come in a disc or download install package. THEN install the saved FS9 from my DVD OVER the newly installed FS9 and OVERWRIGHT everything. THEN BOOOOM!!!! all is restored exactly how I had it before.

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My FS9 install directory is 29Gb in size. Got one that big? 🙂
See this thread;

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Yeah, I do. I actually have an additional hardrive with EVERY win file including all of FS9. I use an additonal external HD tray with USB. It works great.
I'll check that thread though, thanks.

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