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In the posky a340 panel, I'm having a pretty big problem. I don't have a VSI, or at least I can't find one, and I can't get the glideslope to appear. Can someone tell me the correct procedure for activating ILS with that panel..I can do it on every other aircraft. And if there is no VSI as I predict, can I download one? Thank you and please as soon as possible.

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Rick Lee Guest

Hi crosscheck9,

after reading your request I think I know why no one has replied yet.

I wasn't aware that Posky are in the bussiness of designing panels, but hey, maybe I've missed something or they just started on this new venture.
After a few searches and an inspection of my own hangar I found that most if not all Posky a340s are aliased to the default b744 panel. If this is true in your case then I assume you've downloaded and installed a separate panel.

Rather than being sure, I am actually convinced that if you reveal the source i.e. website and the exact filename of the panel you downloaded, the replies to your request will come pouring in. Wanna give it a try? 😀

Regards, Rick

crosscheck9 Guest

thanks for the reply rick...tell me if this helps....

to find the file i downloaded, go to avsim, and type in a340 in the search box...category is fs2004 panels. its the first one down. THX

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I don't know if this will help, or maybe you've already done it, but I would go back to AVSIM and get the A340 Panel designed by Pasquale Rinaldi. You can do an easy search and find it. I added that to my Posky a340 and it works great. The main thing is to follow the installation instructions that come with it completely. George

Rick Lee Guest

Hi crosscheck9,

I've searched avsim per instructions. Now, "the first one down" I assume means the first one on the top of the list : That would be Pasquale Rinaldi's panel as suggested by GWFlyer. Thanks for the input George.

Just finished an attempt at IFR using the same panel in a Posky a340.

Everything seems to be there though a bit difficult to read. The VSI seems to be a part of the Primary Flight Display like in the b747. [If I'm telling lies here, I hope somebody will protest and put things right!]

Sorry crosscheck I can't help you with the glideslope either because I just wasn't able to tune into the assigned frequenzy. The digits kept jumping all over the place - I ended up hitting the Esc button in disgust.

Don't give up crosscheck9, somebody here will be able to help you. 🙂

As for me, I'll be looking for a panel that's easier on my eyes 😳

Regards, Rick

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The jets are different from the aircraft that you learn in from the tutorials. In the tutorials the Glideslop and Localizer are all on the VOR-Type Instrument (The Circle with the 2 bars).

Most of the time the Localizer will, when you intercept it, appear next to your Altitude readout right next to the Attitude Indicator - which will appear as a green arrow or along those lines, and the Glideslope will appear below your Attitude Indicator on your Compass Circle.

Edit: Go to my post here (Click me) for instrument/panel help.

Rick Lee Guest

I just knew I had it all wrong again.

Thanks for your interest in this FL050. I'm a bit confused though.
Crosscheck's problem seemed to concern the VSI rather than the HSI. Is it the same thing we're talking about? Oh those darned abbreviations are gonna drive me nuts one day.

[quote]Edit: Go to my post here (Click me) for instrument/panel help.

Not only have I read your post when it first appeared in these forums, I saved the lot to my HDD for reference purposes - as I have done with so many others. Posts like yours and those of other contributers have actually taught me the basics of IFR in the heavies.

Thanks to all of you I am now able to lodge a flightplan, follow the ATC's instructions, shoot an ILS and land the plane safely - most of the heavies I've got, anyway. But... put me in a Cessna and I haven't a clue how to even take off using proper procedures.

Why am I telling you this? Not all of us have learned and followed the tutorials as laid out by MSFS. I didn't even finish the first lesson Embarassed I just couldn't be bothered to listen to Snowhite and the Seven Dwarfs any longer and decided to search for the information I needed at the time I needed it.

Now back to crosschecks glideslope problem.
I admit I still have problems with the visual appearance of the glideslope on my PFD but that hasn't kept me from intercepting the glideslope.
However I was under the impression that you had to dial in the frequenzy in order to intercept the glideslope in the first place. This is where I might be wrong, of course. If so, do put me right and I'll be eternally grateful!

After contemplating what I just wrote I wonder whether I completely misunderstood crosscheck's problem and you are actually much closer to the solution. Thanks for your input FL050 all the same.

I won't change my decision to find another panel though because due to my vision, my mouse or something more sinister I can't dial in the frequenzies on that one. Twisted Evil

Thanks everyone, Rick

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