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I've just got a new plane to fly, the Cessna Conquest. It's very good, however, it doesn't have the shortcut buttons on the main panel (the ones for map, gps, radio stack, throttle quadrant etc etc), it has little icons in the left hand side of the display which are completely different and doesn't have one to display the map.

I've read the manual and looked everywhere but I cannot find the icon to display the map. I can get the GPS up no problem but the problem I'm having is retrieving ILS frequencies for landing which I usually get by clicking on the airport via the map.

Anybody know what the shortcut key(s) are to get the map up or alteratively could anybody enlighten my limited knowledge of GPS and let me know if I can get the frequencies from there?


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A couple of ways to go here
1 hit Alt and select the map from the world tab
2 The GPS depends which one.For the default one
Press NRST then PUSH CRSR,now click the inner ring by PUSH CRSR to highlight your airport.Click ENT,now click the outer ring to the right (+)once for a map view of the airport and click outer ring again for frequencies .(scroll down)

You could try modding the panel to put a map icon in there

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Thanks Tom your help and wuick response is appreciated once again.


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