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ILS landing almost a success!

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My first time to land a Mooney down on 22L at JFK with ILS. Felt great.....
But I didn't know when to turn off the AP.... I kept AP on until touch down after a couple times of bouncing back in air, almost trashed the gears. What is the best way to touch down? If I turn off earlier, the AP compensation for crosswind would be lost and the plane could be blown out of the runway in the last a few seconds. If I use AP all the way, it doesn't seem to be able to flare, and 600 feet negative verticle speed can damage the gears, Am I right?

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You can take off APP whenever you are comfortable with it. Whenever you are prepared to take it off and take control of the airplane and land it. It is always different for me. If ILS is messing up I do a long final and fly the approach myself. If it is really wind I will usually fly it down to about 3 or 400 AGL.

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I always turn it off when I cross the runway threshhold, or when I hear the Inner Marker, if there is one. That gives me time to flare, if I need it.

Flying a light plane like the Mooney, you might do well to select a different runway, landing INTO the wind, until you get the hang of it. I expect that JFK has others to choose from? I guess I've taken off from there in flight sim, but I don't think I've ever landed.


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I always hand fly the ILS approaches.

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Very Happy Turn a/p off from about 200ft and practice,then try it from 400ft and so on
Most airliner pilots will "hand fly" in from anything from 800ft to 2500ft or more.It mainly depends on airline policy and of course, how good the pilot is
And he's gotta be good, to be an airline pilot

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You shouldnt let the autopilot APP mode land the plane, because this isnt what it was designed to do...

It was designed to fly the approach for you up until about the middle marker, then you hand fly the last 200ft or so.

On some aircraft there are special autoland functions on the autopilot which do actually calculate the exact moment to flare the plane and automatically brings the throttles to idle, then all the pilot has to do is apply the brakes. This is generally only on the latest commercial jets i think...correct me if im wrong.

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