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I'm very new to using FS 2004. I've noticed that the altitude reading is off, and I'd like to know how to re-set it. For example, I flew out of and back into my local air strip (a very small one nearly at sea level), and the starting/ending altitude was registering at 200 feet. I know for a fact that this airstrip is not at 200 feet (more like 10 feet above sea level...and it's right next to the water). I then flew out of another air strip in a different part of the world, and just to test this, I landed on the beach...and it showed a reading of 500 feet! (should have been zero, as it was right on an ocean beach).

How can I set the Altimeter to be more accurate?


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I think the altimeters in some planes are adjustable. If this is the case, set yours to 29.92 and see if that works.

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In every aircraft the altimeter is adjustable. Why? It tells the altitude by measuring the air pressure outside. But, and this is a big but, the air pressure changes every day according to the weather. The pressure changes are so little that humans can't feel it, but the altimeter sure can! If the pressure outside drops (that's what happened in your case), the altimeter "thinks" that it is in a high altitude. That's why you have to CALIBRATE it every flight according to the pressure in sea level (the pressure you get listening to ATIS for example). It's a whole theory... so you'd better refer to the "Learning Center".

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You can auto-set the altimiter to the correct settings for your environment by pressing 'B' while in flight.

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