Need Help - FS2004 wont acknowledge downloaded aircraft!

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Help Please.
I've downloaded several cool aircraft; including the XB-70 Valkyrie and th e B-2 bomber. I unzipped them inside the aircraft folder for FS2004, but when I run FS 2004, it doesn't seem like they exist. I can view them in the folder, but they don't show up as aircraft choices while running FS2004.

I have managed to download the Melman 777-200, and it works fine. So what is going on.

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try unzipping again . sometimes it does not work the first time

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I think you may have a double folder:



The above won't work! It needs to look like:


The bad thing is, is that some planes don't un-zip to a folder and you must specify one. Others are already contained in a folder.
I'm betting you'll fix this!

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A couple of suggestions:

1. I always unzip downloads into a temp directory ("Unzipper") so that I can see better what I am dealing with -- folders, sub-folders, no folders, whatever. Then you can move the files and folders you need into their proper places, and create or eliminate folders you need or don't need. That works much better than blindly blasting a zipped file into your FS directory.

2. Many times the authors of the aircraft or repaints like to put themselves or their group in the aircraft config file as the manufactuer. As a result, Project Open Sky's planes show up in the "Select an Aircraft" window as Project Open Sky, rather than Boeing or Canadair, or whatever. Sometimes you just have to look around.

3. Many times setting up a repainted texture in an existing aircraft file installation just doesn't work for some reason. I find it is often more effective to set up a clean "unpainted" aircraft, and then put the repaint in as the only texture. It takes up more space on your hard drive, but saves a lot of headaches.

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OK, I'm new to this. I've downloaded several airplanes, a couple from this site. The only one that shows up in FS2004 is a 757 and I don't even know off-hand where that one is located. I've put the other airplane folders in with the rest of them but they don't show up. They are unzipped. Like I said, I'm new and I know this is easy since the 757 loaded itself.

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The safest way to install aircraft that I have found and allways works is
1 In My documents I have created a folder called flight misc and one called flight files(store all your unzipped (98/ME) or zipped(XP) here so they are easy to find.
2 unzip(98/ME) to the flight misc folder(XP just opens in its own) .Now open it and you should have 4 folders and a couple of text files..... model....panel....sound....texture and maybe a some text (read the text)
If you open it and all youve got is the texture file .......then youve just got a repaint
3 Minimize the folder,and open My Computer , open "c" , programs, microsoft games , aircraft.
4 Resize the folder (middle button top right of srceen so that you can see both folders
5 Left click the file and drag it to the aircraft folder then let go of the mouse

You have now installed the aircraft

Allways make sure that the aircraft folder only contains the 4 files Eg b737 open that then your 4 folders(not B737... open b737 ....then the 4 folders
Phew hope it helped

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