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I've noticed in some screenshots that the 'camera' position is set in between the seats in a cockpit and also in reviews for aircraft addons, reviewers talk about what level of detail there is in the cabin area of a 'plane. Have you seen the screenshots of the A380 on the Wilco Fleet website? Fantastic! In fact I was looking at actual photos of the A380 in the paper today and the screenshots on the Wilco Fleet site are almost identical!!

My question is, therefore, "How do I move about in the cabin/cockpit of the aircraft?".



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I belive you need a addon called "Active Camera"

On some vitual cockpits you can move about with the "hatswitch" on your joystick

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Yes you need a program called Active Camera. It is payware though, but VERY worth it. There are tons of camera views that AC adds.

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Active camera is a great program, with tons of great features. I especially love the automatic head movements in the VC, it certainly makes you feel like you're actually there!

You can download a demo of it that works fully within a 50 mile radius around KSEA, so it's fairly easy to go and check out.

Alternatively, you can use a program designed for the Flight1 ATR that lets you move around the cabin as well. You can find it here: It's not as nimble as active camera, nor does it have nearly as many features, but if you're looking for just a cheap way to get a different view of the cockpit/cabin this is it!

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Thanks guys - much appreciated! 🙂


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