Where can I download free aircraft with effects ?

Icenhouer Guest

Hi everybody

I have tried to find a webpage where I can download an aircraft, I get many pages, where the aircrafts are not professional. 😞

I hope someone can give me a link where other people download an aircraft and where it is free. 😀



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Jon Van Duyn (JVD) Captain

Here's two that seem pretty pro. They are Freware. These Aircraft are great with Active Camera or the freeware F1 utility.

Here a link to a freeware concorde that is excellent:


And here another link for some excellent Russian a/c:


You can get more Russian Aircraft at Avsim just key in Samdim.

Icenhouer Guest

Perfect thanks 😀

But i search after Airbus and Boeing aircrafts


Well Then this may be what you are looking for.

Here's an Airbus Link:IFDG (Now closed)moderndl1.php

download the Airbus A318 it's farely good.

Here's a website that gives excellent quality aircraft but they just don't have panels but some have virtual Cockpits.The Website includes boeing and Airbus.Here's their Link:http://www.projectopensky.com/downloads-/

I reccomend The A330 with the VC.

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Jon Van Duyn (JVD) Captain

The last post was done by me I just wasn't logged on.

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George (OrlandoGeorge) First Officer

To the guest I would relay these three sites in the order in which they are listed.




I got both these aircraft from among these sites and recommend them. FSDOME has a listing of all world airlines and
many A/C to choose from.

-Good luck and happy hunting.



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