Trainee?? Pilot???

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I notice that the ranking status in this forum are:


How is this decided???

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Leeham Guest

trainee is a new (no offence) and silly person who has just spent $5 on one place when there are many many other FS forums, when you get a certain amount of posts you become a pilot (its just a ranking - the more you post the quicker you get to be pilot) and gues it a smart person who doesnt pay and can still post

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BerraTV Trainee

I'm a trainee...looking to be a pilot...and I have paid nothing. Trainee forever?? Oh well. Twisted Evil

Leeham Guest

How did u sign up? i thought you had to pay to not be a guest???

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BerraTV Trainee

I just signed up for a screen name. Nobody hit me up for money. Give it a try.

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