Flight Simulator 2006 Improvements


I would like to see Emergency Landing available from the A.T.C rather than A.T.C just disappearing when you declare and emergency.
Also add more aircraft into the AI system...It is far to easy to land and take off at major airports, where sometimes both Landing and Take-Off procedures can take up to an hour due to heavy traffic. 😀 😀

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Bartholomew First Officer

I bet FS2006 is going to surprise us a lot!
I would like exactly the same thing as you. Declaring emergencies and flying in heavy traffic would be and excellent improvement.

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nevralgico Trainee

The problem with fs2004 is that it can't support real world traffic...I have "ultimate traffic " from Flight 1 and in heavy traffic airports like Newark New Jersey,it screws up a lot and waves off in-bounds all the time.They really need to fix the taxi procedures so that planes can do highspeed taxi off the active runways,and hopefully fix the ATC commands for everything... 😕

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raceway40 Trainee

When is Fs 2006 coming out or are there any websites up about it now?

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RadarMan Chief Captain

MS hasn't announced if there will be a next version yet. Nothing official, maybe we'll see something coming out of the E3 show this month in Los Angeles.



I agree, there is nothing suggesting that there is an actual Flight Simulator 2006. E3 started today in Los Angeles, and the most anticipated games list (or even the new games list) does not include a Flight Simulator 2006. Think about it, if a Flight Simulator 2006 was going to be released, it would have to be released very soon.. like in a few months (Summer 2005), and at this point there isn't even any official mention of FS2006, so I think chances of it being true are slim, although I see a few non-official sites claiming to have pictures or previews of FS2006... its hard to know what exactly is happenning. Any thoughts?



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SoCalRick First Officer

Too bad guests don't have to register with a valid email addy in order to post.


Why not just fly online with others at www.vatsim.net,

Deal with ATC that are real people and see and fly with pilots in realtime.

Sounds like what you are looking for.


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Kurt Stevens (KurtPStevens) First Officer

Guests capable of leaving commas out of posted URL's would be nice too 😳

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SoCalRick First Officer

KurtPStevens wrote:

Guests capable of leaving commas out of posted URL's would be nice too 😳

LOL! Good one mate.

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