Cockpit building.

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Cockpit building.
I have a cockpit of a crashed aircraft. How do I connect the control column, rudder pedals, throttle and switches to flight sim 2004? What hard ware and soft ware is required to do this. Thanks

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I wish you a lot of luck
Have a read of this site as it has links to other sites where people have built cockpits ➡

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thanks for that. nice site

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The flight sim is coming along well, last weekend I managed to hook up all the flight controls (Aileron, elevator, rudder and throttle) i managed this by hooking up 4 potentiometers into a old stile game port. Using a game port to USB adapter into my computer that worked near dam perfect first time. I shall send some pics soon.


I added some comments to the emulator post about the toggle switches and keyboard commands.

Did you get any problems with the config on the control surfaces? I built a set of rudder pedals a couple of years ago and used a pot for the forward and back travel on the pedals. Wiring up the game port connector was OK but the PC wanted to know what software to use to convert the signals. To get over this I took an old twist joystick and wired the pedals to the twist connections on the card inside the joystick then connected the joystick to the PC. As far as the PC was concerned it didn't know the difference and the pedals worked really well.

It's similar to what I did to replace the keyboard with a switch box.

After a while I decided to buy a set of CH pedals with toe-brakes and my homemade set are consigned to the 'spares' box.

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No I had no problems setting the controls up, windows used its own software in the control panel. I just used 4 potentiometers, some wire and a 15 pin game port from maplin. It all worked fine after a small bit of calibration (less than 5 mins worth).

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I saw the "kings of Sim" a good program. After watching that program, I have decided to build one myself. There is a bit of info on it (not much at the mo) at under the simulator section.

I have a bit of a query. How do I get out of flight sim, information to turn on/off external indicator lights, vibrations (stall, landing ect)?



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