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Hi Guys

How’s every body out here… Guys I have downloaded the Advanced Operations Tutorial for PMDG 747 which have tutorial flight DLH454 from EDDF to KSFO I really enjoyed following all the instructions given in the tutorial and flying for 11 hrs.. Than I thought of following the same process of how to programme the FMC I try to fly from VIDP to LSGG I have created and exported the flight plan from to PMDG 747’s FMC but I cant configure out how to five the runway number in FMC every time I put the value RW28 I got error msg NOT IN DATABSE and I cant figure out which values have to be given in NAV RADIO page. Guys how can I get the respective data to input into the FMC... I really like to fly my first flight PMDG 747.

Pls guys help me..

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Check the runway doesn't have L or R after it and check the actual runway number. I've had the problem before but never sorted it. You could ask over at the PMDG forums ( ) or somebody here may know 😉

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Have you downloaded the latest AIRAC for the PMDG Products?

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FROM where I can download the AIRAC for PMDG products

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Michael Thomas (SteveT) Chief Captain
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Bindolaf Captain

Er.. are you trying to enter the runway in the LEGS page? Or in DEP/ARR? Try the latter.

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