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Can someone on these forums put together a Tutorial for the FMC please and E-Mail me That way i can understand it 🙂

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DJ Dan,

there really aren't any tutorials available for absolute beginners..You just have to read and read and re read everything in the manuals.
Then start out slow and try to program a simple plan first with no waypoints, sids, stars etc. nothing fancy.. Once you can do that, start trying to program more into the FMC.

Just using the FMC at all presupposes you have quite a bit of simulator experience.

the Timothy Metzinger tutorial is very good, but won't make any sense to you unless you have really done some serious reading.

Timothy himself summed it up thus:

The good news is, you can master the systems required to fly the PMDG 737. The bad news is, you must master the systems before you can fly it.

Or something like that, I can't remember the exact quote.

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I know how to program the FMC like but it never guides me to the run way it always turns on the runway at the last minute.

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