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Whats in the pilot's wheelie bag??

RCNextGen Guest


I am a mad flight sim fan and was just wondering I see a lot of pilots with their little wheelie bags that they drag around with them and take on board into the cockpit...does anybody have any ideas what the pilots actually carry in them?? I would imagine the usual flight manuals and stuff but if it were me I would have bags of chips, candy, playboy, etc...!!

does anyone know what a real pilot actually has in there?!




Guest Ed Guest

Clean undies and a toothbrush? I think that's what I'd have if I was flying all over, and might get stuck away from home due to bad weather or something. 😉


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Jon Van Duyn (JVD) Captain

They carry their laptops, a torch [compulsory],stationary,cell phone, music CD's,FlightSimulator, stuff to drop off at ops [operations] and they always seem to have the odd sticker.

DonWood Guest

They may carry other odds and end but primarily, they are carrying instrument flight charts (enroute, arrival/departure, and approach). How much depends on their assigned flight and company policy.

I carry Jerppeson charts just for the western US and that takes up 3 spiral binders. That, my headset, and my logbook pretty much fills up my chart case.

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