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OK, I am at a total loss. Tried FS2004 on TWO laptops and it works (and crashes) identically on both. I get the main menu, all the flying lessons work fine, including solo take off and landings but if I click on Fly-now! from the "Create a flight" menu, or if I even click on "Select a flight" from the main menu, the system freezes and I have to kill the program.

Have tried re-installs, updating directX to 9.0, updating video drivers.

One machine is Dell XPS with Pentium 4, 1GB ram, xp Pro new install, ATI Rad.9700 and practically nothing else on the machine.

The other laptop is Sony Vaio 1.3 G P3, 512 RAM, Intel 830M on-board graphics. I know this is not a power-horse, but the other laptop is and FS 2004 doesnt work on that either! 😕 😕
any tips ...?[/i]

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My guess is its your CDs. Obviously the CDs are missing a file or one is corrupted. If the computers are 2 totally different things and the same error exists, than it has to be the source.


Thanks FL050, will try re-install with new set of CD's courtesy cousin who works at MSFT.

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