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I have a extra 14inch monitor just sitting in my room and I thought it would be a good idea if I make my g/card run 2 monitors.A few qustions

1.How do I do this?

2.will I have to run my LCD 17inch monitor at the same resolution as the 14inch?

3.Will (if it is done) this be risky process which involves changing all my settings?

4.Will I get lower FPS with my card running both monitors?

Thanks for any help.

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1. I dont know
2. Not necessarily
3. You will have to change quite a few settings for the displays to work correctly, but it shouldnt be too dificult
4. Yes, quite a big hit if it isnt a decent gfx card as it will have to handle twice as much information.

Umm... TTT is usually good at answering this type of question i think...

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Hey Ranald,

I recently switched to a 2 monitor display.

I tried this at first with a less powerful Graphics Card and it was a nightmare. As well as a BIG reduction in Frame Rates I also had other endless issues including lock-ups and crashes.

Then... I upgraded my Graphics Card to a ATI X800 256/256 card and tried again and got great results.

Essentially you just need to buy an adaptor that allows your second monitor to connect to one of the spare sockets on the back of the Graphics Card (there are usually 3 output sockets but 3 different connector types, so the adaptor is needed to connect the second monitor to the card).

Then I simply went into CONTROL PANEL and DISPLAY and clicked on the second monitor icon to activate the second screen.

Using the set up with FS is a little more tricky....

I have to dash just now so if you want to know more, shout up and I'll go through all of the exact steps in order to use multi-monitor with FS.


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Zach (ranald) Captain

If I need a realy powerful card I dont think I will bother.My 6600GT 128mb card is good but it not nearly as good as any x800 256 (lucky you) I might need to think about it.Thanks for the help!

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1 First U have to have a dual output display card. If your current card has a dual output (usually DVI out the second one) U will need a DVI to CRT adapter (10-20 $) and that is it all about. U can do it with a separate PCI card but not recomended

2 No U can set different resolution in the flight sim

3 No there is not any risk

4 Not necessarily lower FPS . It is depend how your system runs and what you intended to see on the second monitor. I am using 2 monitors for more than 2 years. It is huge improvement but.. the best performance U will get by setting the panels only to the second monitor. If U would like to see how your frame rate will be effected try to open a second window (shift ]) with your current set up and see how it is responds)

For more question and how to set up your flight sim after U got your second monitor hooked up U can always can ask me even with privet messages

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Thamks Rafi 👍 I am just going to use the second as a desplay for the 2d or 3d cockpit.

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My mane monitor is the LCD 17inch flat panel and the other is CRT will this matter?

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