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Rev Darkwing Guest

I am getting an effect (it shows up most on buildings especially) that is something like what you might see when a reporter wears a certain kind of tie. It is a distortion that looks as if the coloring on the surface of structures moves as it changes position on the screen.

It lacks the clarity it should. I have it set to the highest quality setting and added some antialiasing as well and am not sure what I should do to correct it or what is causing it. I have a pretty strong system so I think I can set it anywhere where I will get the best graphics.

The monitor is currently set for 1024x728 and the rest of my set up is

Athelon 1800 XP
Asus A7V333 motherboard
1024 Mb DDR
Ratheon 9600 Pro Vid Card
Soundblaster Live 5.1 sound card.
450 W PS

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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Ibocpro Guest

This is caused, if I understand it right, by the MIP Mapping. Go to "settings"-"dispaly"-"hardware" and find the "MIP mapping" slider and slide it down to 4 or 5. This should remove the distortions and bring the clarity back.

I have most display options very high and run around 25fps. There are a bunch of settings that can be reduced to give a better image, wierd but true. Check out "MS Flight Simulator Tip and Tricks" over at in the forums for some good ones. I would stay away from the system tweaks unless you are really sure, tweak the game not your computer. Some of the computer tweaks can cause real problems.

Hope this helps,


XP2500 Barton @ 2.08
1024 DDR 3200
Ti4800 53.03
Nforce 2 3.13

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