Piper P-Navajo for FS2004

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I have modified the FS2004 Baron to have the flight charateristics of a P-Navajo (PA31P-425) with winglets and vortex generators. I have all the manuals (and a 73 P-Navajo, N2HR). What I need is someone to help with the panel and external files. I can provide photos of the exterior and the panel and will gladly send along my files and all the appropriate pages out of the flight and maintenance manuals. Let me know if you can help. It is a fun aircraft to fly. Pressurized to 29,000 ft, 2-425 HP turbocharged engines, great rate of climb (1000+fpm to flight levels), 200+ kts cruise, 2,800 lb useful load and a stable instrument platform. Take off is 45" at 2100 rpm with 15 deg of flaps, Raise the gear and flaps then pull it back to 40" and 2000 RPM at 500' and climb to your desired FL. Max power criuse is 39-40" at 1800 rpm and long range is 35" at 1600 RPM. The engines are TIGO-541-E1A Lycoming geared reduction, which is about as big of a piston engine you will find on any GA aircraft.

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