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I never Crash!

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Is there a setting (I haven't found it so far) that turns the "crash" option off? I can come in at a 60% angle, full speed and when I get to the runway it just lands and heads on down. Makes it hard to hone your landing skills.....Thanks Crying or Very sad

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Realism Settings,...Top Right hand box is Crashes and Damage options.

It's fun bouncing on the ground.....

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Whats the point of having a really cool flight simulator if u wanna do 60deg nose down landings. Learn how to fly it properly ass hole.

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Evil or Very Mad Thanks for the advice (dickhead) The point of my post was to figure out why this was happening so I could change it. Maybe YOUneed to go somewhere else (and maybr you should learn to spell!)


yeah, "maybr"

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😀 Moormcl,
No worries on your quest. May I suggest you try, and look under the FS2002/2004 forum. A guy there, by the name of Top Gun will no doubt set you straight...give it a try 😉


BTW, I love Napa Valley

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