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I'm sure this has been explained many times,And I did catch something about putting scenery into add-on scenery folder etc. But is there a basic how-to or example that someone could briefly explain to me just how to download an add-on and how to incorporate it into my FS 2004?
I would appreciate it very much. I tried on thing, but I don't think I got it right.


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Any scenery files you d/load normally come with a named folder(ie Malta scenery) and two other folders.
Texture folder
Scenery folder
Maybe a few other bits and bobs like read me and pictures,
dont worry about them.

Open up the main fs9 folder on your hard drive and then the Addon Scenery folder and put the Malta Scenery folder in there(the Malta Scenery folder should contain the other two folders)
Close all open windows and start Fs9

Goto settings,then Add Scenery and open
You will now see the addon scenery folder,double click it
You should now see the Malta scenery folder,double click it and save

Shut down Fs9

Restart Fs9 and your scenery should now be in place

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I knew it couldn't be too hard. Thanks for explaining that for me. It's all in knowing what to do with what, I guess.

Thanks a million


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