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if i hear wind at 090, does it mean the wind comes from the east, or blows towards the east?

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FROM the direction stated. Makes it easy to select the landing runway without having to do the 180 degree reverse calculation.

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^Guest is right, it is FROM. FS will place your aircraft facing into the wind direction as best as possible when you choose "active runway," so if ATIS reports wind zero-one-zero at one-zero it means that the wind is from 010° (roughly from the north) and that it is at 10 knots mag. If you press SHIFT-Z you'd see it displayed as:

WIND 010 / 10 Mag

Therefore, if you were to choose KPWT's active runway, you'd be placed on runway 1, which is actually facing 13° (remember we drop the last digit for runway designations).

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