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Flying at high altitudes (>FL350)

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Can anyone tell me why it is virtually impossible to fly above FL350 in FS2002/2004? I know a real 747 can cruise at FL410, however, in the simulator engines lose thrust and the airplane stalls (any, not just the 747) as one tries to rise above FL350. Is there a way to fix this without turning the aircraft into a "rocket" at low altitudes?[/img]

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Well, I can suggest that when you are those altitudes, you use a much lower rate of climb - something like 100-200 fpm in a 747 once you have passed the 35,000 mark. That should get you up there.

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Cheeks wrote:

Or u can cruise at that altitude and when u gained enough speed, climb to the altitude u want 🍻

cheeks, you are responding to a question here that was posted 4 years ago 😳 !

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holy smokes thats a long time ago.

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bawls327 wrote:

holy smokes thats a long time ago.

That post was made a month after the forums opened. That's an old timer!

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shite i didn't notice! Embarassed

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