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I got this from and you can catch up on the news at Avsim.

As is traditional with all major PMDG releases, I'm dropping by to let you all know that Wednesday, 08JUN05 will officially end the alpha development process and commence the beta testing process for the PMDG 747-400.

We have changed rather significantly our alpha testing process, which means that beta testing has also changed, and in effect the beta team will primarily be performing a software validation role, as beta teams were always intended to do.

We have a high degree of confidence in the stability of this package from a software standpoint, and a high degree of confidence in the airplane from an operational standpoint as well.

Currently, we are adding some last minute details- and determining how we want to wrap up a few larger loose ends that have always had question marks after them on the production schedule.

Unless we run up against something unexpected, I anticipate that the airplane will be issued to beta testing late in the day on Wednesday.

This being the case, I'm certain that you will begin seeing and hearing about this ground breaking new simulation directly from our beta testers beginning on/around Thursday.

We will keep you posted on the progress of beta testing. Hopefully the testers will find the airplane to be in as good a condition as we think it is! If not- we'll just continue to take our time and get the airplane completed correctly....

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That sounds good, Ranald. I know I'll be looking forward to this one!

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SoCalRick wrote:

That sounds good, Ranald. I know I'll be looking forward to this one!

Yes, I don't normally buy these modern addons for fear of the FMC but now exams are over, I will try to learn how to use it, and as the 747 is one of my favourite aircrafts, it is an extra incentive 😀

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